24 July 2011

Weekly Wrap: July 18-24

  • Apparently a Congolese government official died this week. Something equivalent to a senator I was told. They flew the body back to Lubumbashi and for some reason the greeting party decided to gather very near to the MAF hangar. The greeting party consisted of 4 motorcycle cops, a couple trucks full of police, a truck full of guys in funny green uniforms, a marching band, 50+ cars, and hundreds of foot traffic. Oh, and an ambulance made a brief appearance and then left, which I thought was a little cruel. Anyways, just utter chaos, but Congolese people just love a good funeral.
  • I think I may have suffered a case of Giardia this week. It grosses me out just to even think about that.
  • I started my first SNERTZ this week. Brutal, but it felt good.
  • I guy shows up to the office at 6pm wanted to send a package on one of our flights. I asked him if he could come back the next day. He said he'd be there in the 7:30-8am in the morning. He shows up at 5:30pm. "Sorry I am a little late". Classic "Congo Time". I will not miss this aspect about Congo.
  • 27 days until I leave Congo. 40 days until I arrive in Boise. But who's counting?

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  1. Hi my friend,
    I hope all is not bad in Congo and all in not great in the UK.