18 February 2011

Africa is Ginormous

I heard a comment the other day relating to the size of Africa. It reminded me of this map I saw awhile back that shows how big Africa is in comparison to some of the world's larger countries. Africa is a big place!

15 February 2011


This day of the year is often characterized as a solemn day for me. It was 4 years ago this day my mother passed away after a long struggle with a neurological disorder. Definitely the most difficult thing I have had to go through in my life so far. It was hard to see someone I cherished so much go through what she did. I was blessed to have had her as a mother and I look forward to the day when I will be able to embrace her once again.

In the last few months there has been several people around me as well that have lost ones they loved. I just want to recognize those people because they are just as important as my mother.

A national worker I work with everyday here lost his mother.

A friend from college lost his father.

My pastor here lost his mother.

My house helper here has lost a relative.

The president of DRC has lost a couple relatives.

An MAF pilot in Indonesia has passed and left behind a wife and child.

I lost a new Congolese friend, Josue, who was even a closer friend to my roommate.

I am sure there are others that I have forgotten or not heard of and their lives were just has precious as the rest. It is sad to see people go, but it is great to remember the time spent with them and the impact they made in your life. Love you Mom!